Based in London, Anil Joshi is a passionate photographer with specific interests in landscapes, architecture and street photography. His artistic flair and observations of his environment provide the inspiration for his photographs which captivate the natural beauty and behaviour of our surroundings.  His striking work has been recognised in national competitions including the Landscape photographer of year where he was short listed in 2012.

In addition to photography, Anil has been involved in a number of other projects.  He has been involved in the composition of music scores and the production of short films.  His most recent being the production of a short film entitled 'Be not afeard' which commemorates the journey of the volunteer performer in the 2012 London Olympic games.  As a performer in the Industrial revolution scene of the opening ceremony Anil was able to capture the nostalgia and patriotism of the event in this unique piece of work.

In addition, Anil is an accomplished musician and has composed and performed worldwide as well as releasing his own music albums alongside his two brothers.

Anil currently works as an ENT surgeon in central London

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